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Maintenance of Watch

1. It is prohibited to press the watch key in the water.
2. If water spray or water drop is found in the watch surface, take the watch to the designated Repair Department for repair, so as to prevent the water from corroding the internal electronic parts.
3. Keep the watch from violent shaking (except for shockproof watches). Electronic watch can withstand ordinary shock, but cannot withstand gravity rush, rough use or falling on hard surface. 
4. It is prohibited to use the watch in scorching heat or severe cold.
5. It is prohibited to clean the surface with chemicals, especially liquid soap. Otherwise, the waterproof rubber ring in the watch will be eroded, resulting in the failure of water resistance. Hence it is necessary to clean it by wet soft cloth.
6. Avoid wearing the watch in strong electric field, static electricity, high frequency and other conditions.
7. Long-term use of EL light will consume a large amount of electricity.
8. To ensure a long service life, the EL light can be turned on for no more than three times every day.
9. The light is not liable to be shown against settings of great luminance. 

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