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Frequently asked questions

Why does the battery run out of power in such short duration since purchasing?
The reason is that generally the battery has been put into the watch when the watch is delivered. Since then the battery is put into operation. When the watch is being purchased, it is likely to have been shipped out of factory for a long time. Under such circumstance, the factory will replace the dry battery for free.

How to calibrate the digital time for PASNEW watch?
There are two ways to calibrate the PASNEW watch. One is to press the MODE key for three seconds to adjust the second by pressing the RESET key, and then press the START key to adjust the minute by pressing RESET. After that, re-press the START key to adjust the hour by pressing the RESET key. After the hour is being calibrated, press the MODE key to confirm and exit time setting. Another way is to press the MODE key for three times to enable adjustment of second. The RESET key is to switch, the START key is to adjust numbers and the MODE key is to confirm and exit.

Why has water still come into the watch despite the indication of 30m’s water resistance in the instructions?
Water resistance below 100 meters refers to water resistance in daily life (static testing depth), so that the watch cannot be put on during swimming or bathing.
Standard of water resistance:
30 meters:water and splash resistance in daily life: User can wear the watch to wash hands and face.
50 meters: strengthened water resistance in daily life: The watch can be cleaned by a small amount of cold water but cannot be dipped into the water.
100 meters: submerging watch: The watch can be used at the surface of swimming pool or seawater.
200 meters or more: Diving watch: The watch can be used at the depth for people wearing underwater breathing apparatus (The standard of water resistance shall be chosen as per the depth of diving.). The watch’s water resistance standard is met through the waterproof rubber gasket on the glass, back cover, crown, etc. It is inappropriate to wear any watch for hot bath, sauna, or to use it in settings of great temperature change. 

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